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Oxalic Acid Safety Guide

  What is Oxalic Acid? Oxalic Acid is a dicarboxylic acid naturally produced by plants of the genus Oxalis, also known as wood-sorrels. Oxalic acid has many uses including in rust removal and other household cleaners, bleaching agents for wood pulp, and as a mordant in the dyeing process. Oxalic Acid the CAS Number 144-62-7. The CAS Number is used to identify oxalic acid as an ingredient on safety data sheets (SDS) and other safety documentation. When looking for oxalic acid as an ingredient in cleaning products, bleaches, and mordants, look for the CAS Number within the composition table. Notable Properties of Oxalic Acid Pure oxalic acid is a white, odorless crystalline solid, typically found in powder form. Any color or odor comes from natural impurities or other ingredients within the oxalic-acid-based product. What Makes Oxalic Acid Hazardous? Oxalic acid is, as the name suggests, an acidic substance. It can cause irritation to the eyes, skin, and respiratory system.

Hazardous Material Training - What to Know Before You Ship

  What is Hazardous Material Training? The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), part of the Department of Transportation, has established regulations for the classification, packaging, and communication of hazardous materials as the hazards pertain to transportation. These regulations are called the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR). Part of the HMR is training requirements that must be met by any persons who perform tasks related to the transportation of hazardous materials. The hazardous material training requirements are outlined in  49 CFR 172.704 . Who Needs Hazardous Material Training? All hazmat employees require some form of training. The hazmat employee definition can be found at  49 CFR 171.8 “Hazmat employee” . The definition of a hazmat employee in simpler terms is anyone who does work involving transporting hazardous materials. This includes full-time workers, part-time workers, and self-employed people who prepare hazardous goods for shipmen

Casual Friday - May 2023

  Casual Friday I got some lovely new plants the other day at a local nursery, including a happy-early-mother's-day present in the form of an awesome variegated golden bougainvillea. This weekend I'll be cutting down some bamboo to make a few trellises. I saw a nice, simple H design that should work well. Next casual Friday will probably be the update photos, assuming it works out well.