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Manganese Black Safety Guide

  What is Manganese Black? Manganese Black is a mineral compound also known as manganese dioxide, manganese (IV) oxide, pyrolusite, cement black, pigment black 14, and pigment brown 8. Manganese black has many uses, including as a component in dry-cell batteries, and as a pigment. Manganese Black has the CAS Number 1313-13-9 The CAS Number is used to identify manganese black as an ingredient on safety data sheets (SDS) and other safety documentation. When looking for manganese black as an ingredient in products like paints, look for the CAS Number in the composition table. Notable Properties of Manganese Black Manganese black is dark grey to brownish black in color and tends to be in a powdered form. It is naturally odorless. Pyrolusite is the mineral name for manganese dioxide and is the most common mined source for manganese used in industrial processes. What Makes Manganese Black Hazardous? Manganese black is considered a respiratory irritant. Breathing in manganese black powder can