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Understanding DOT Class 9 Materials: Miscellaneous Hazardous Materials

  Definition of DOT Class 9: Miscellaneous Hazardous Materials Class 9 covers materials which are hazardous for transportation but do not otherwise fall into the Class 1 to Class 8 classifications. Class 9 materials include anesthetic, noxious, or other similar materials which could inhibit the performance of a flight crew member if released. They also include elevated temperature materials, hazardous substances, hazardous waste, and marine pollutants that meet a definition within 49 CFR 171.8 but not a specific Class definition. Relationship Between Class 9 and OSHA Hazard Classifications Since Class 9 is strongly defined more by the material's properties being hazardous in transportation, there is minimal overlap with OSHA Hazard Classification. OSHA has separate Hazards Not Otherwise Classified apart from Physical Hazards and Health Hazards. While PHMSA Class 9 includes materials which are considered elevated temperature material and marine pollutants,