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Tannic Acid Safety Guide

  What is Tannic Acid? Tannic Acid, also known as gallotannin and quercotannic acid, is a type of polyphenolic acid. In most commercially available forms, it is a mixture of polygalloyl glucoses and polygalloyl quinic acid esters, with the exact composition varying by the plant source it is derived from and processing it has undergone. The most common source plants for tannic acid are C. spinosa, R. semialata, and Q. infectoria. Tannic acid is used as a mordant in the dying process for natural fibers as well as a bleaching resistance treatment for some synthetic fibers. It also has some applications as a wood treatment for stain adherence and termite resistance. Tannic Acid has the CAS Number 1401-55-4. The CAS Number is used to identify tannic acid as an ingredient on safety data sheets (SDS) and other safety documentation. When looking for tannic acid as an ingredient in mordants, fabric treatments, and wood treatments, look for the CAS Number within the composition table. Notable Pr