Understanding DOT Class 7 Materials: Radioactive Materials


DOT Class 7 materials: radioactive materials

Definition of DOT Class 7: Radioactive Materials

Class 7 covers radioactive materials.

The formal definitions associated with Class 7 can be found in 49 CFR 173.403.

Class 7 materials are highly specific in regulations associated with them. Only a properly trained professional should be handling and packing Class 7 materials.

Types within Class 7

Different types of sub-classifications are used in Class 7.

Normal Form is the default type of Class 7 material. There is also a Special Form Class 7 material, which is a non-dispersible solid radioactive material or radioactive material in a sealed capsule, which meets the requirements of the definition.

There are Type A and Type B quantities. Type A packages are a form of limited quantity, defined by ranges of radionuclide values. Type B packages have radionuclide values greater than the limits for Type A. These types determine what form of packaging is required for a given shipment of radioactive material.

Relationship Between Class 7 and OSHA Hazard Classifications

OSHA Hazard Classification under the Hazard Communication Standard does not cover radioactive substances, explicitly excluding both ionizing and nonionizing radiation. 


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